Say Goodbye to Old-Fashion Battery Charging, Hello, Gionee A1!

Nowadays, smartphonehardware such as chipset, camera and screenare developing ata revolutionary speed.Moreover, increasingly growing software and apps development allow consumer to use their smartphone in various scenarios. However, all these functions and features cannot be guaranteed without the long-life battery. Compared with other smartphone upgrade, the battery evolution remains to be a difficulty for a long time.

There are several charging technologies employed by mainstreamsmartphone manufactures. For example, the Lightning applied by iPhone will spend 2-3 hoursto chargefully. Although it is relatively safe, the small battery capacityless than 2000mAh and low charging speed definitelycannot match consumers' demands.

Alternatively, some smartphone manufactures will choose toincrease the charging voltage and current to enhance the charging speed without the consideration of the batter capacity. In a result, the battery is under overheating risk.

As for the popular VOOC flash charge, it allows the battery temperature to keep normalunder high-speed charging, but it is only available to certain products and need tailor-made adaptor.

It is the time to say goodbye to these old fashion battery charging. The brand-new A1 launched by Gionee providesanintegrated solution to ensure the device always has power and the charging experience is faster, smarter and safer. In a word, it is the best device which can guarantee the wonderful experience never ends. .

Large Battery Capacity

Gionee A1 sports a 4010 mAh batter. With it, users can enjoy their phone all day long without worrying about running out of battery. It allows for 42 hours of talk time, 6.3 Hours of video playback, and 600 hours on standby. What’s more, the large battery is housed in a light and ultrathin metal mobile phone body, which keepsthe smartphone’s aesthetic design and delicate touch feeling.

18WUltrafast Charge Technology

When you use Ultrafast Charge, the 18W charging power will be separated and transmitted by dual charging chips before reaching the device, which helps the handset stay cooler and safer. In order to ensure the battery life, Ultrafast Charge also can be switched to normal charge at the last charging stage.Moreover, the Ultrafast Charge will carry more current and shift the power management process from the phone to the adapter, so a vast majority of the heat generated while charging never reaches the device.

Over millions of times tests has been taken under extreme environmentto guarantee thereliability of Ultrafast Charge. Users can enjoy a faster, safer and worry-free charging experience. Additionally, Gionee’s unique brand color was exclusively designed for the Ultrafast Charge. 

Super Power-Saving Technology

Independently developed by Gionee’s R&D team, A1 integrates data analytics into the device operation and enables the device to optimize performance under minimum power usage.For example, in extreme mode, only those applications that selected by users themselves can operate normally. The low-battery warning will also trigger A1’s extreme mode, it helps users save the power automatically. Users can activate or deactivate the mode freely.

While in App frozen mode, users can drag the seldom-used application to the frozen zone, the app will hide on desktop, and will not run in the background. It helps to reduce the unnecessary power consumption. Those frozen apps can be restored when needed.

Refined User Experience

Gionee A1 hasn’t compromised other aspects of the smartphone, even with its super battery.

Equipped with 16MP front camera and softlight flash, A1 is also a wonderful selfie handset. Other entertainment hardware is also amazing. The 5.5-inch FHD AMOLED screen owns 1920*1080 resolution, used with the MaxxAudio®, can create the theater-like experience.

Running on MKT 6755processor, which based on the up-to-date Android 7.0, A1 provides faster and more convenient experience. User can unlock their device with a fingerprint scan. The device can be unlocked with a light touch in 0.2 seconds. The Split Screen enables users to do multi-task on one screen without switching apps.The device can also be used as a remote to control home applications, such as televisions and air conditioners.

Price : 32999/-

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