Meet the Gionee A1 Plus, A Remarkable Combination of Technology and Experience

The latest Gionee A1 Plus will soon be available in India and Nepal. The much-anticipated product is a combination of strong hardware and the latest advancements in software, culminating in a remarkable performance of technology and experience.

Many consumers will be familiar with some of these situations – you are in the middle of a conference call regarding some important business but your smartphone almost runs out of power; you’re out the door before you suddenly realize that your phone has no charge; or you’re stuck in traffic with no charge, creating even more stress. Although screens getting bigger, making it more enjoyable to watch videos or play games, battery life has not improved.

Gionee’s Product DNA, Super Battery
Battery life plays an essential role in Gionee’s product DNA, and is the focus of R&D. Engineers have made every endeavor to improve the smartphone’s endurance and extend its usage time. The brand-new A1 Plus sports a 4500 mAh battery, creating a smart phone with a large capacity battery in a limited space that uses power efficiently.

The device can remain on standby for almost an entire day with just half an hour of charge using the "magic" of the Ultrafast Charge technology. With this latest technology, the A1 Plus is able to support low-voltage fast charges. The 18W charging power is separated and transmitted via dual charging chips before reaching the device, which helps the handset stay cooler and safer.

The Ultrafast Charge can also be switched to a normal charge at the last charging stage in order to ensure battery life. The Ultrafast Charge will carry more current and shift the power management processes from the phone to the adapter, so a vast majority of the heat generated while charging never reaches the device. Custom safety measures have also been put in place to safeguard the adaptor, cable and phone itself.

Millions of tests have been conducted under extreme conditions to guarantee a reliable Ultrafast Charge. Users can enjoy a faster, safer and worry-free charging experience.

Chip performance and system optimization remain vital to improving battery life. The A1 Plus runs on a MKT 6755 and based on the up-to-date Android 7.0..  Compared with the previous generation, CPU energy efficiency is increased by 18%, it runs faster and is more durable in a high-performance state, even if many apps are running at the same time, while still maintaining the system's high-speed operation.

Super Power-Saving Technology
Independently developed by Gionee’s R&D team, the A1 Plus integrates data analytics into the device operation and allows the device to optimize its performance for minimum power usage. For example, in extreme mode, only applications selected by the user will operate normally. The low-battery warning will also trigger the A1 Plus’s extreme mode, automatically helping users save power. Users can freely activate or deactivate the mode.
While in App frozen mode, users can drag seldom-used applications to the frozen zone which will hide the app on the desktop, and will not run in the background. This mode helps to reduce any unnecessary power consumption but can be easily restored when needed.

Refined User Experience
There are many other remarkable features of the A1 Plus. The breakthrough device can be used as a photography studio for selfies in your pocket. Featuring a 20MP front camera and soft-light flash, the A1 Plus is made for taking incredible selfies. The F2.0 aperture and 1/3.06 inches sensor can capture more incoming light to lower noise, even in low-light conditions. With the 5P lens, the clearance of image processing is 10% more enhanced than the 4P lens.

The Gionee A1 Plus is equipped with an up-to-date stereo speaker system, making it much louder than an ordinary device. It is the only smartphone other than the iPhone 7 equipped with such an advanced audio system. With the stereo speaker system, A1 Plus is able to deliver two times the audio output of current handsets and has an increased dynamic range, creating an auditory sound stage that delivers amazing, theatre-like experiences.

You can immerse yourself in extraordinary stereo sound quality with GioneeA1 Plus’s unique combination of earphone and speaker. Every sound is delivered with great power, balance and accuracy.

In addition, the 6.0-inch FHD in-cell 1920*1080 resolution screen ensures a high quality experience for gaming or videos. With 4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, it can handle multi-tasking, including resource-intensive apps and games, without delay or lag.

Users can unlock their device with a fingerprint scan that takes just 0.2 seconds. The Split Screen function allows users multi-task on one screen without switching apps. The device can also be used as a remote to control home applications, such as televisions and air conditioners.

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